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Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands!  

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce founded in 1960, is a not-for-profit organisation explicitly dedicated to its Members. Our mission is to inspire, promote, and extend the commercial and industrial relations between individuals and companies in Sweden and the Netherlands. The Chamber's main role is to provide a forum for Members to exchange business ideas, experiences and to explore new business opportunties.

Welcome to become a member to participate in our events and to profit from the excellent networking possibilities to enlarge your business network on the Dutch market. Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands!

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Undutchables For the YP Young Professionals 23-05-2016

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to welcome our new sponsor for the YP Young Professionals. We are very pleased to have Undutchables as one of our main sponsors this year and are really looking forward to the cooperation.

About Undutchables:
Undutchables Recruitment Agency, the international business recruitment pioneer in the Netherlands, has a proven track record in international job matching and placement. We help both starters and executive candidates, fluent in languages other than Dutch, advance their careers in the Netherlands. For those hiring, we recruit highly trained international personnel who speak your clients’ language and understand  their culture. 

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Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 2016 28-05-2016

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to present the Board of Directors elected on the Annual General Meeting May 18, 2016 and to welcome 4 new Board Members. Mr. Bert Heijkens, AKD, Mr. Ruud Joosten, AkzoNobel, Mr. Roland van Pooij, Handelsbanken and Mr. Rob Wolters, Ericsson. 
At the same time we would like to thank Mikael Sörensen, Handelsbanken serving the Chamber of Commerce for the full term of 8 years, for his committement and valued contribution and for the excellent co-operation with Handelsbanken during the years and Per Cederlund, Filippa K for his valued input as Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 2015- 2016. The Ambassador welcomed the new Board Members and thanked all members of the Board for their committement and important contribution to the trade realations between Sweden and the Netherlands.

 Ambassador Per Holmström, Annika Hult, Stena Line, Wilma Buis, MercuriUrval, Ann-Charlotte Runn, Iggesund, Rob Wolters, Ericsson, Ruud Joosten, Akzo Nobel, Kathy Dolk, DolkHesper, Bert Heikens, AKD, Roland van Pooij, Handelsbanken, Ehsan Turabaz, Inter-IKEA-Systems, Kerstin Gerlagh, Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Board Members Hannie Kroes, SKF and Peter Smink, NUON/Vattenfall are missing on the photo.


 Mikael Sörensen                   Per Cederlund (to the right) 

18 May, 2016 Chamber Luncheon 28-05-2016

On May 18, 2016 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce were very honored to welcome Mrs. Kajsa Ollongren as honorary Guest and keynote speaker at the Chamber Luncheon following the Annual General Meeting. Mrs. Ollongren spoke about the exiting Start up scene in Amsterdam and the positive influences by innovative, young upcoming companies to the more settled classical industry and how it opens doors for new co-operations and innovative ideas. She also drew parallels to the start up scene in Stockholm and to the fact that Sweden and the Netherlands have so much in common and can learn a lot from each other by exchanging experiences. After the luncheon H.E. Ambassador Per Holmström addressed the Chamber Members and Guests and asked how can we improve and make it even easier to do business between the Netherlands and Sweden?

Vice-Chairman Ann-Charlotte Runn welcomed new members Eva van Doorn Lans and Paul van Doorn from Eikenzande BV to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and presented them with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce tie, shawl and flag-pins.

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Annual Review 2015 28-05-2016
Annual Review 2015 now available. 

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Swedish Chamber Export Prize 2016 09-05-2016

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Mr. Jan Peter Balkenende joins the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Recommendation 04-05-2016

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is delighted and honored to announce that Mr. Jan Peter Balkenende, Partner Corporate Responsibility at EY, Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam and former Dutch Prime Minister of the Netherlands has joined The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Recommendation.

H.E. Ambassador of Sweden and Honorary Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mr. Per Holmstöm says: “I am much honored and very happy that Jan Peter Balkenende has joined the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Recommendation. With his background, network and current focus on sustainable growth, I am confident that Mr. Balkenende will contribute valuably to the work carried out in the Chamber.  In addition to this, Mr. Balkenende is a dear friend of Sweden, having participated in many official and work related visits of Swedish public officials, including our Royal family. I look forward to a prosperous cooperation.”

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