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Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands!

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1960, is a non-profit network organisation explicitly dedicated to its Members. Our mission is to inspire, promote, and extend the commercial and industrial relations between individuals and companies in Sweden and the Netherlands. The Chamber's main role is to provide a forum for Members to exchange business ideas, experiences and to explore new business opportunties.

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Welcome to become a member to participate in our events and to profit from the excellent networking possibilities to enlarge your business network on the Dutch market. Click here to apply and to profit from our special offer!

Welcome New Patron Meijburg & Co Tax Lawyers 17-10-2016

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to welcome a new Patron member:

Meijburg & Co Tax Lewyers

Contact person for the Patron Group:
Jan Hollemans

About Meijburg & Co Tax Lawyers

“Our clients value our integrity and commitment. That is secured in both our work method and our business culture. Because every company is different and each tax issue requires a specific approach, Meijburg & Co always provides made-to-measure advice. And since service is all about people and good chemistry is the start of a successful relationship, we select a team that best suits our client. Our advisors are proactive and client driven, and are top tax experts. Meijburg & Co is an active participant in domestic and international government networks, employers' associations, universities and professional bodies; we stay up to date and participate in developments in our areas of expertise. We are guided by facts and provide reliable and objective top-quality tax advice. We assume responsibility for the quality of our services, providing true value for money.
We offer a large number of standardized services, which are supported by IT-applications. These will enable you or your company to meet your tax obligations, and can be used to define where your risks and savings opportunities lie. We offer products and applications on the subject of tax control frameworks, mergers and acquisitions, payroll tax, VAT, customs, transfer pricing, international assignment of staff, and estate planning. The applications vary from quick scans and data analysis tools to financial models and interactive management tools, and can easily be incorporated in a risk management environment, such as a tax control framework.” Source:

2 November, 2016 Company visit Elekta 14-10-2016
Welcome to join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for a Company visit to Elekta on November 2, 2016. Click here for more information and digital registration.

9 November, 2016 American breakfast 14-10-2016

US Presidential election 2016

On Tuesday, 8th of November the Presidential election will take place and on Wednesday morning , 9th of November the nine European Chambers of Commerce / Business Clubs will organize a joint network event where we will see who will be the new President of the United States. Two keynote speakers, Mr Michiel Bicker Caarten and Mr Marcel Baartman will discuss the results and give their views on what are the consequences, not only political but also for the trade/business relations between the US and Europe.

In the mean time we can enjoy the American breakfast buffet which will be available!

Click here for more information

17 November, 2016 Global Macro Outlook Seminar 14-10-2016

MH Leadership informs about new course 20-10-2016
Swedish Chamber Memeber Company MH Leadership informs that a new Master Mind course starts next week and a few seats are still available. MH Leadership's Mastermind groups are typically a forum where people who are interested in expanding professional lives can meet, network and take advantage of each other’s talents and experience, but it should be more than just meet and mingle If Swedish Chamber members would be interested to attend welcome to send an email to MH Leadership For more information:

Jens Wiklund nieuwe CEO Handelsbanken Nederland 14-10-2016

Jens Wiklund nieuwe CEO Handelsbanken Nederland

Amsterdam, 11 oktober 2016 – Handelsbanken heeft Jens Wiklund (41) benoemd als nieuwe CEO van Handelsbanken in Nederland. Hij is de opvolger van Mikael Sørensen die is benoemd als CEO van Handelsbanken in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Jens Wiklund heeft de Finse nationaliteit en bekleedt momenteel de functie van Chief Financial Officer bij Handelsbanken UK. Hij beschikt over ruime internationale ervaring binnen Handelsbanken. Voorheen was hij onder andere Head of Finance/Senior Vice President van Handelsbanken Capital Markets, Head of Administration, Accounting & Control/Senior Vice President van Handelsbanken International en General Manager van ZAO Svenska Handelsbanken in Rusland.

De benoeming van Jens Wiklund is onderhevig aan goedkeuring van de toezichthouder.


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